Round trip in the Austrått cultural landscape

A bicycle trip in the historic landscape of Austrått is higly recommended. Most of Ørland is fairly flat so easily bikeable. On this trip you will see early iron age sites, experience the WWII fortifications at Austrått fort and visit historical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages at Austråttborgen manor. You can bathe, play golf or grill hot dogs on the beach. And, the area is a birders paradise. Or, in some areas just enjoying the silence of nature. This is a compact trip full of experiences in nature, culture, history and activities.

You will be biking in a varied cultural landscape next to beaches and lush farmland. The area's farming- and cultural history is the reason Austrått has national status as a cultural landscape of high value.

The route

Start at Ørland Kultusenter and bike through downtown Brekstad (Yrjars gt (=st.)). At the end of this street take a right (eastbound) and follow the bike path/sidewalk about 1.5 km (about 1 mile) where you will take another right towards Bruholmen recreational area and Hovsfjæra wetlands and bird protection preserve. Here you will take a left on a gravel bike path that meanders along the beach to Fitjanveien (Rd.) which will take you straight to Austrått manor (services: café and public toilet available). If you take a left just before you arrive at Austråttborgen manor you can play a round of golf or visit Austrått fort. If you go straight (the manor being on your right hand side) for about 1 km (1000 yards) you will see a sign for Skogporten (the forest gate). Follow the bike-path next to a meandering creek. You will pass by a beutifully crafted drystone wall just prior to crossing the highway. This path leads to Rusasetvatnet pond. Here you can light a fire for grilling, bathe in the pond or just enjoy the scenery. There is a service building with a public toilet available close to the footbridge. Continue biking left after the footbridge past the Dalebakken Mølle grain mill. Cross the road and follow the Balsnes river/creek to the parking lot by Balsnes bridge (on the main road). Take a right and follow the bike path next to Fv231 (country) road. About 100 meters (yards) after the bridge take a left and head towards the coast and then right towards Bruholmen outdoor area and Brekstad. When you reach the main road, past the industrial area in Brekstadbukta bay, you will take a left and continue until you are back at Ørland kultursenter. 

Practical information:

Child friendly/

Handicap accessible

Public toilet at Rusasetvatnet pond and Bruholmen recreational area

The route is well-marked with signposts

OK to light fires in designated areas

Beach at Austrått camping

Lean-to's (gapahuk) rest areas along the route